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2nd June, 2018 / music

The National

Plus Broken Social Scene, Warpaint, Future Islands, Cat Power and others. All Points East, Victoria Park, London

1st June, 2018 / technology

Living with a conversational object

I feel awkward talking to machines, and I always will. My comfort zone ends at the ATM or self-service checkout, where I’ll conclude transactions with a whispered ‘Thank you’.

31st May, 2018 / travel


Instagrams and notes from our trip.

20th May, 2018 / nature

Data watching: part two

In part one, I wrote about the digital trail that led me to an osprey named Shana and the community crowdsourcing her story. Part two follows her action-packed migration, and considers her legacy.

10th May, 2018 / nature

Data watching: part one

The digital trail led me to an electricity substation near Walmart, and my first encounter with its globetrotting tenant. In documenting the moment, I joined a community of far-flung onlookers crowdsourcing her story.

15th April, 2018 / travel

Sakura and the city

We feel refreshed after the mossy calm of Kokedera, but it’s time to descend from the peaceful hills and head into the city. Our bus arrives, and we enjoy the short trip downtown.

13th April, 2018 / travel

Hoshinoya Kyoto

We arrive at Saga-Arashiyama station hoping to store our cases in coin lockers, but all are in use. And so we drag our wheelies in the suffocating Spring heat, weaving around a billion tourists.

12th April, 2018 / travel

At home in Hiroshima

We arrive in style, aboard the impressive 500 Type Eva Evangelion Shinkansen, delighted to be back in Hiroshima. This charming city made a big impression on us two years earlier.

11th April, 2018 / travel

Family time in Kawabe

We catch a local train out of sprawling Osaka to the Kawabe district in Hyōgo Prefecture. The family of our friend, Yusuke, has invited us to stay, even though he’s working away in the Philippines.

10th April, 2018 / sport

Grand Sumo in Osaka

Two years ago, an overnight stay in this sprawling city left a mixed impression, but my second visit benefits from everything Geri learned while filming last year, and the thrill of Grand Sumo!

9th April, 2018 / travel

Hoshinoya Tokyo

Our trips to Japan tend to rest on two very distinct styles of accommodation: mostly, we’re content with Airbnb boltholes, but occasionally there’s the luxury of a five star hotel.

8th April, 2018 / food & drink

Bear Pond and Koffee Mameya

Despite markedly different approaches to customer service, Bear Pond and Koffee Mameya have much in common, not least their unflinching dedication to quality. When coffee reaches this level, the experience is mind-altering.

7th April, 2018 / travel

Meeting my wife for coffee

I’d agreed to meet Geri for coffee. Usually, that means a brisk walk into town, but on this occasion, she was in the future. She was 6,000 miles away.

5th April, 2018 / travel

Japan 2018: Kyoto

Instagrams from our latest trip to Japan. Kyoto, 26-29 March.

4th April, 2018 / travel

Japan 2018: Hiroshima

Instagrams from our latest trip to Japan. Hiroshima, 24-26 March.


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