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3rd April, 2018 / travel

Japan 2018: Osaka

Instagrams from our latest trip to Japan. Osaka, 21-24 March.

2nd April, 2018 / travel

Japan 2018: Tokyo

Instagrams from our latest trip to Japan. Tokyo, 17-21 and 29-31 March.

8th March, 2018 / technology

Existing in four dimensions

The expansive views from the hard-won summit deserved my full attention, but cognitively I was elsewhere; present in multiple locations by way of a weak but welcome signal.

28th February, 2018 / outdoors

A few days in Langdale

Instagrams from a wintry camping and hiking trip in the Lakes.

5th February, 2018 / travel

Newfoundland and Toronto, Winter 2018

Including a night at the new Inn by Mallard Cottage, and a few cold hours wandering around slushy Toronto.

19th January, 2018 / travel


Instagrams from our first trip to Munich, where I spoke at Beyond Tellerrand.

13th January, 2018 / travel

New Orleans

A week in humid New Orleans for our latest work retreat.

31st December, 2017 / music

2017 in music

A fantastic year for music: many of my favourites returned with new albums and heaps of exceptional new artists appeared. We also made it to lots of shows.

31st December, 2017 / sport

2017 run archive

A big year of serious running, including the Tely 10 and my first Robin Hood half marathon. Here’s my primary Strava data from the year.

21st December, 2017 / nature

Little goat of the air

There it was again: a mysterious humming vibrato piercing the silence, then gone. Whatever the source, it was close, and moving at high speed. The twilight made these sudden whirrs seem unnerving yet also fascinating, a puzzle to be solved.

3rd December, 2017 / games

Outdoors, indoors

It’s an easy mistake to assume that going outside—actually out of the door—is the only way to reconnect with the natural world.

25th November, 2017 / nature

Altered images

I’ve been whispering about “a new image of nature” recently. I first encountered this concept while studying land art two decades ago, and it’s nothing new.

15th November, 2017 / birds

Junco’s, the tiniest pub in Newfoundland

How reality TV exposes nature’s life cycles, and why a whole province found delight in an unscripted anthropomorphic soap opera.

5th November, 2017 / travel

Los Angeles and San Diego

Our second trip to LA, plus a weekend in Coronado for Tara and Cameron’s wedding. 31st October to 5th November.

25th October, 2017 / technology

Internet of Natural Things

What do I mean by “Internet of Natural Things”? Well, let’s ease in with a brief explanation of this positive take on digital technology.


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