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Pipeline interview

It was my pleasure to be Dan Benjamin’s guest on The Pipeline earlier today.

For thirty minutes or so we chatted about such topics as design, speaking, writing, publishing, launching a conference, great successes, incredible failures, and my spare bedroom.

I regularly tune in to several 5by5 shows, such as The Big Web Show, the EE Podcast, and The Conversation. So, it was a joy to have a proper relaxed chat with Dan. It was a bit like being phoned up by Terry Wogan, or some other master of the airwaves. Maybe Alan Partridge.

Anyway, if you really are at a loose end, or like to hear me waffle about whatever pops into my head (hello, Mum) then why not have a listen?

Note: I’m reviewing my archive some nine years later, and notice the interview is no longer listed on the Pipeline website; they seem to have had a massive clearout. So, I grabbed it from the Wayback Machine and it’s embedded below.