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This week, I had the pleasure of joining polymathic designer and poet Rizwana Khan to record an episode of her all-encompassing, stream of consciousness podcast.

Attendees of New Adventures 2019 will remember Riz: she opened the conference with her words about wonder. I’d noticed an earlier poem she'd written for Women in Tech, and loved the visual construction of it, so I commissioned her to create something for our magazine. I loved the poem so much that I then asked her to recite it from our stage.

The performed poem went down a treat, not least with speaker Ethan Marcotte, who described it as “...a truly beautiful poem, one that — in hindsight — drew a perfect, unbroken line through each of our talks.” He later sent a few books for Riz’s Project Function initiative.

Anyway, I’ve never said “yes” to an invite as quickly as I said it to Riz. On Wednesday, we met at the rather fancy NTU Students' Union megaplex and spoke words into her phone. Our ramble is exceptionally long, but you should be grateful as we could've chatted for days. It’s all in there: the state of design and tech, the conference, Star Wars, fanship, art and poetry, Sneinton, Iceland, and how New Adventures changed her life.

Listen here: