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31st August, 2020 / film & tv

Dark: let there be light

I’ve finished my whirlwind journey through all twenty-six episodes of Dark, Netflix’s time-travelling, trinity-knotted, mythology-minded, multi-dimensional mindfuck. Spoilers ahead.

24th August, 2020 / music

Songs of protest: Victor Jara and my debt to the Manics

A new project from James Dean Bradfield pays tribute to the Chilean protest singer brutally murdered during Pinochet’s coup, and reminds me how much history I’ve learned from Bradfield’s band.

16th March, 2020 / covid-19

Keep Calm and Carry On Infecting

While events across the globe — from small meetups to significant sporting competitions — are rightly postponed or cancelled, we spent the weekend exhibiting at a print fair.

31st December, 2019 / music

2019 in music

How to summarise 2019? So. Much. Good. Music. I’ve struggled to properly evaluate an overwhelming stream of releases, and my charts are still in flux. But, the year-end is nigh, so I must commit.

10th December, 2019 / music

The National with Jenny Lewis

The one where they played near our house and Matt borrowed Geri’s phone! Plus, support from Jenny Lewis and some huge balloons.

27th November, 2019 / technology

Tape loop

If you insist your music arrive only as rented data packets, and consider physical formats an anachronism, then I guess you’re too cool to spool. Me? I’m breaking out the tapes.

24th November, 2019 / music

The Twilight Sad

O2 Ritz, Manchester. Our fifth, maybe sixth time seeing these brilliant, noisy, melodic, charming and criminally underappreciated Scots.

19th November, 2019 / art


I was last-minute Googling decent coffee shops for our trip to Madrid when, through a random link, I learned that Guernica was on permanent display in the city. Guernica!

8th November, 2019 / interview


This week, I had the pleasure of joining polymathic designer and poet Rizwana Khan to record an episode of her all-encompassing, stream of consciousness podcast.

1st October, 2019 / art

Olafur Eliasson: In Real Life

Having admired Eliasson’s work for twenty years, I’d expected to love everything about this significant Tate survey. Instead, I began to wonder if I’d over-invested in his ideas.

25th September, 2019 / japan

Defying Tradition

Geri Coady is a designer and illustrator (and, lucky for me, my wife) sharing her lifelong passion for Japanese culture, language, and travel. Today, her first exhibition opens in Tokyo.

14th September, 2019 / books

This searing light, the sun and everything else

We stood before Ian Curtis' earliest handwritten lyrics for Love Will Tear Us Apart. Hurried words and edits; deeply personal poetry the resonance of which its author would never know.

19th July, 2019 / design


Redesigning in the open is daunting but encourages progress. Although I’m far from finished, the new timeline is attracting attention, so I’ve written a little about it.

11th July, 2019 / art

Art in Real Life: Addressing the Sustainability Challenge

Ahead of its big new Olafur Eliasson show, Tate Modern hosted a discussion about the potential of culture to address sustainability and inspire change.

10th July, 2019 / music

The National

Setlist and photos from tonight’s incredible show at Castlefield Bowl, Manchester.


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