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2nd June, 2020 / race

A letter to my MP

On social media, I’m quiet but busy, reading and amplifying black voices. Still, I want to get my thoughts down. That’s mostly Stream notes, but today, I wrote to my MP.

9th April, 2020 / covid-19

Travelling at home

While picking at the remaining drafts from a previous trip, I became distracted by broader thoughts about travel: how we relive past experiences, and increasingly enjoy digital journeys.

22nd January, 2020 / design

A time for imagination

Last year’s New Adventures conference could have been a one-off reunion. It was a challenging project, but the event itself was probably our best yet, and the response overwhelming.

This editorial was written for the New Adventures magazine, January 2020.

19th October, 2019 / design

Primer EU: Futures For All

I spent this week in Madrid, where I attended Primer EU. With my increasing interest in futures and speculative design, I wanted to take a closer look at the community, its methods, and successes.

19th September, 2019 / environment

Tomorrow, we strike

Thousands of websites will be unavailable during the Global Climate Strike, with millions of us taking to the streets to demand climate justice and an end to the age of fossil fuels.

18th August, 2019 / ethics

Detaching from Facebook

I’ve deactivated my Facebook account, having become deeply uncomfortable with the company’s propensity to mislead and cause harm. I just wish I could truly delete it.

11th July, 2019 / art

Art in Real Life: Addressing the Sustainability Challenge

Ahead of its big new Olafur Eliasson show, Tate Modern hosted a discussion about the potential of culture to address sustainability and inspire change.

19th March, 2019 / art

Don McCullin at Tate Britain

That one man should witness so many horrors is hard to process. That nations like ours continue to facilitate such atrocity and poverty is devastating.

6th March, 2019 / events

Dear Nature book launch

Last night I attended the launch of Dear Nature, an important new work from renowned Nottingham artist John Newling. I was also invited to give a reading from the book.

6th December, 2011 / future

My digital preservation utopia

At Build last month, Jeremy Keith gave a presentation about preserving our websites, documents, and personal timelines. He talked about avoiding data loss and shared his fears for the future. I really soaked up his thoughts, even though I had to get up and speak directly after him.

19th August, 2011 / writing

Maturity and the Weight of Learning

As the web matures, great designers are distinguished not by conviction but by the ability to look beyond the tools at hand, to inquire deeply, and to define a lexicon for the field.

This article was commissioned for the first edition of The Manual.

28th March, 2010 / essay

Bauhaus Ideology and the Future of Web Design

What follows is a frankly massive essay in note form. These are the notes I made to justify the aims of Bauhaus Ideology and the Future of Web Design—a presentation I did for the FOWD Tour in Leeds, September 2009.

6th June, 2008 / web

An industry in danger of suffocation

Broad discussion about our industry is a tinderbox that I must keep my roll-up well away from. However, I bottle my thoughts up for so long that during weeks like this, I just burst.

6th January, 2008 / web

Two years on, here’s another rant about the state of blogging

Have you noticed how many of us who have been blogging for a long time are gradually doing a whole lot less of it? I have, and I totally understand.

13th January, 2005 / web

A rant about the state of blogging

A few loud voices in the web community are bemoaning the lack of fresh ideas, new techniques, and a drought of constant exploration and innovation from A-list, up-and-coming or guru-like bloggers and writers.


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