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16th March, 2020 / covid-19

Keep Calm and Carry On Infecting

While events across the globe — from small meetups to significant sporting competitions — are rightly postponed or cancelled, we spent the weekend exhibiting at a print fair.

30th December, 2019 / sport

2019 run archive

Another mixed year. I managed plenty of long evening runs when Geri was away, and we ran a much faster Tely this Summer, but there were too many gaps and I fell just short of 500km overall.

30th December, 2019 / personal

2019 in review

Six years have passed since I last reviewed the year. That was 2013; I got engaged and began to detach from the speed and distraction of design and tech, pledging to prioritise my personal life.

22nd September, 2019 / audio

The podcast that never was

The idea was to create a podcast series about sound and place, recording each episode in a different location. I assembled one episode but thought better of sharing it — until now.

28th July, 2019 / newfoundland

The 92nd Tely 10

Ten miles, 1:44:58. Despite the heat and me feeling a bit rough, we shaved six minutes off our previous attempt, thanks to Geri running so strong!

18th May, 2019 / travel


To mark each trip to Düsseldorf, we've snapped a selfie at the same location. Looking at these images side by side caused me to reflect on the changes to my physical and mental health since meeting my wife.

31st December, 2018 / sport

2018 run archive

Not such a great year running, partly due to some injury niggles. It was also an insanely hot Summer preventing long runs. Here’s the primary Strava data.

31st December, 2017 / sport

2017 run archive

A big year of serious running, including the Tely 10 and my first Robin Hood half marathon. Here’s my primary Strava data from the year.

24th September, 2017 / sport

Robin Hood Half Marathon

Today, I successfully completed my first official half marathon.

1st September, 2017 / technology

I’m writing again

Buoyed by experiential optimism, I want to highlight the ways digital technology can benefit well-being, and strengthen our connection to the natural world.

15th August, 2017 / travel

Copenhagen 2017

Instagrams from our second trip to Copenhagen, 10-15 August.

23rd July, 2017 / sport

Newfoundland’s 90th Tely 10

Today, we completed Newfoundland’s famous 10-mile road race.

5th January, 2017 / sport

Brooklyn run

I had to attend a meeting in NYC, so flew down from snowy St. John’s. I only had 24 hours and it was bitterly cold but I made time for a fave run.

31st December, 2016 / sport

2016 run archive

This year we started taking running much more seriously, and entered our first races, including the London 10K. Here’s my primary Strava data for the year.

31st December, 2015 / sport

2015 run archive

We upped the frequency as running became increasingly important to us. I cracked 5k in January, but kept it steady. Here’s the primary Strava data for the year.


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