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Articles interview

8th November, 2019 / interview


This week, I had the pleasure of joining polymathic designer and poet Rizwana Khan to record an episode of her all-encompassing, stream of consciousness podcast.

26th December, 2018 / interview

Netmag Q&A

A short interview with Netmag about the return of New Adventures.

27th February, 2013 / interview

Netmag interview feature

Issue 237 of Net magazine has a four-page interview with me, with photos from a shoot in NYC last month. Fancy!

12th September, 2011 / interview

One minute with...

I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Conor O’Driscoll for his excellent One Minute With website.

23rd November, 2010 / interview

Pipeline interview

It was my pleasure to be Dan Benjamin’s guest on The Pipeline earlier today.

31st October, 2010 / interview

Netmag Q&A

Netmag asked readers to quiz me for a Q&A feature. Topics include media queries, design principles, and New Adventures.

2nd May, 2009 / interview

Net magazine profile

In last month’s .net magazine (Practical Web Design outside the UK) we were featured across a lovely two-page profile.

30th November, 2007 / interview

Netmag interview

A short interview from this month’s Net magazine about being your own boss.

5th December, 2006 / interview

Digital Web interview

If you really are desperate for something to fill your day, then this might actually fill it.

9th June, 2006 / interview

Three magazine features

I’m fortunate to be featured in three UK print magazines this month.


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