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31st December, 2019 / music

2019 in music

How to summarise 2019? So. Much. Good. Music. I’ve struggled to properly evaluate an overwhelming stream of releases, and my charts are still in flux. But, the year-end is nigh, so I must commit.

31st December, 2018 / music

2018 in music

It was a year where music helped contextualise a world weighing heavy, my favourite albums serving as coping mechanisms.

31st December, 2017 / music

2017 in music

A fantastic year for music: many of my favourites returned with new albums and heaps of exceptional new artists appeared. We also made it to lots of shows.

31st December, 2016 / music

2016 in music

We lost David Bowie, and the world collapsed. Black voices mattered: Solange; Michael Kiwanuka; A Tribe Called Quest; Chance; the sheer brilliance of Frank Ocean.

31st December, 2015 / music

2015 in music

I’m not sure 2015 was an especially memorable year for music, but I’ve made a commitment to these lists now. So, here we go with my top albums, tracks, compilations, and gigs.

31st December, 2014 / music

2014 in music

It was yet another cracking year for new music, and I consumed as much as possible, making my annual roundup as difficult as ever.

31st December, 2013 / music

2013 in music

Personally, I considered 2013 to be an incredible year for good music. I was at times overwhelmed and consumed exactly eighteen tonnes of new sounds and bought too much vinyl probably.

31st December, 2012 / music

2012 in music

It was an epic year for music, and I absorbed so much due to Rdio finally launching in the UK, and also our music project Rushmore. So, I felt compelled to trawl the data and document the noises I couldn’t leave alone in 2012.

31st December, 2011 / music

2011 in music

Twelve months ago I started something I now have to maintain: an annual roundup of the music I’ve fallen in love with each year. So, following the aforementioned 2010 roundup, here’s my year in music, 2011.

31st December, 2010 / music

2010 in music

I used to write frequently about music. Those days of turning sounds into words have slipped by, but I still consume new music as eagerly as ever. Here, for your pleasure, are my top albums, songs, and performances of 2010.

31st December, 2009 / music

2009 in music

Simple lists of my top albums and top tracks from the last twelve months.

31st December, 2008 / music

2008 in music

Simple lists of my top albums and top tracks from the last twelve months.

1st June, 2008 / music

The best cover versions ever made?

Partly because some friends and I were discussing classic cover versions in the pub, but mostly because (as regular readers will be aware) I love making music lists, I decided to finish a list I started ages ago.

31st December, 2007 / music

2007 in music

Simple lists of my top albums and top tracks from an incredible year for music.

31st December, 2006 / music

2006 in music

Simple lists of my top albums and top tracks from the last twelve months.


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