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5th April, 2019 / speaking

Identity at Dot York 2018

It was an honour to speak at last October’s excellent Dot York conference, invited to contribute my thoughts to the opening session exploring digital identity.

19th January, 2018 / travel


Instagrams from our first trip to Munich, where I spoke at Beyond Tellerrand.

17th February, 2014 / travel


A few days in Paris, speaking at AWWWARDS Love Days conference, and celebrating Valentine’s Day.

11th November, 2012 / speaking

Creative Mornings NYC

Last month I was thrilled to speak at the Creative Mornings Benefit in Brooklyn, alongside Jason Santa Maria. By way of record, I’ve pulled together videos of both talks plus my slides and a few thoughts in this quick post.

30th October, 2012 / speaking

AIGA Design Camp

Earlier this month I spent four days in remote Nisswa, Minnesota where I delivered a keynote to 350 designers, alongside Pentagram’s Paula Scher, book designer and Batman author Chip Kidd, and illustraters The Heads of State.

4th July, 2012 / speaking

A brief update

It’s been a busy few months and I’ve barely had any time to write. As a result, a number of things worth journalling have slipped through the net.

2nd June, 2012 / design

A tour of ESAD

I’ve spent the week in Porto, invited to lecture students at Matosinhos School of Art and Design, also known as ESAD. The school stands apart, and I loved every minute.

16th April, 2012 / speaking

An Event Apart

I recently got back from a trip to Seattle, where I presented at the prestigious An Event Apart for the first (and hopefully not the last) time.

24th January, 2012 / video

When we build

On the morning of Thursday 10th November 2011, I was excited about closing the day’s talks at Build. Then, just before lunch, something happened. Something unexpected and incredible, care of Wilson Miner.

6th January, 2012 / speaking

We are the explorers

Back in November, I was lucky enough to speak at the wonderful Build in Belfast. I reflected on over two years of specific investigation into our craft, and I think it’s one of my stronger talks. I certainly stand by the messages.

19th October, 2011 / personal

Another lesson learned

I learned many things at Brooklyn Beta, but one lesson will stay with me for some time. Announcing our new app capped a humbling and fear-inducing afternoon. Despite years of experience presenting, I was a mess.

31st July, 2011 / travel

Perth and Fremantle

A long trip to Perth, Australia, to live upside down for a week, speak at a conference and see Elbow at Metro City.

18th June, 2011 / travel

Interlink in Vancouver

I recently had the pleasure of travelling to far-away Vancouver to speak at the inaugural Interlink conference, hosted by Shawn Johnston.

7th May, 2011 / events

Forthcoming speaking events

Since going freelance some sixteen months ago, I’ve been doing a lot more speaking and running workshops, belatedly getting to see a little more of our big round planet in the process.

7th February, 2011 / speaking

10th Icelandic Web Awards

Last week I had the pleasure of providing the keynote and giving out the trophies at the 10th Icelandic Web Awards in a stormy, snowy Reykjavík. I thought it’d be nice to share with you the winners on the night; a chance to see what cuts the mustard in less familiar territory.


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