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10th December, 2019 / music

The National with Jenny Lewis

The one where they played near our house and Matt borrowed Geri’s phone! Plus, support from Jenny Lewis and some huge balloons.

10th July, 2019 / music

The National

Setlist and photos from tonight’s incredible show at Castlefield Bowl, Manchester.

5th April, 2019 / speaking

Identity at Dot York 2018

It was an honour to speak at last October’s excellent Dot York conference, invited to contribute my thoughts to the opening session exploring digital identity.

5th July, 2015 / travel

Stavanger and Preikestolen

A few days in Stavanger, and a day trip to Preikestolen.

15th January, 2015 / personal

Wedding videos

Our highlights reel has arrived!

28th December, 2012 / video

iPhone video experiment

I am an enthusiastic amateur when it comes to photography and video, but I like a challenge. In 2012 I tried to shoot video wherever I went.

11th November, 2012 / speaking

Creative Mornings NYC

Last month I was thrilled to speak at the Creative Mornings Benefit in Brooklyn, alongside Jason Santa Maria. By way of record, I’ve pulled together videos of both talks plus my slides and a few thoughts in this quick post.

2nd August, 2012 / travel

Montreal gone kids

Last month, I travelled to Montreal for our latest Fictive Kin retreat. Our host was Joël Perras, a most knowledgeable native of Quebec.

24th January, 2012 / video

When we build

On the morning of Thursday 10th November 2011, I was excited about closing the day’s talks at Build. Then, just before lunch, something happened. Something unexpected and incredible, care of Wilson Miner.

22nd January, 2012 / new adventures

Relly’s New Adventures video

The day after the second New Adventures wrapped, we received an unexpected gift from Relly Annett-Baker: a wonderful little video that sums up the whole day.

6th January, 2012 / speaking

We are the explorers

Back in November, I was lucky enough to speak at the wonderful Build in Belfast. I reflected on over two years of specific investigation into our craft, and I think it’s one of my stronger talks. I certainly stand by the messages.

29th January, 2011 / video

New Adventures ident

While editing video footage, I felt we needed something to enforce our identity and demonstrate the scale and ambition of the event. So, I commissioned an ident.

9th January, 2008 / personal

Ágætis Byrjun

Eight years ago, I spent the Millennium Eve week in a tiny chocolate-box house by the lake in Reykjavik’s old town. I’d just split from my Icelandic partner of two years, and I was down. Really down.


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