23rd May, 2019

Hoshinoya Tokyo

Our trips to Japan tend to rest on two very distinct styles of accommodation: mostly, we’re content with Airbnb boltholes, but occasionally there’s the luxury of a five star hotel.

15th April, 2019

A long weekend in Suffolk

We’ve just returned from our first trip to Suffolk, where open landscapes and abundant birdlife take centre stage and everything feels gently connected. The food’s pretty good too.

13th March, 2019

Bear Pond and Koffee Mameya

Despite markedly different approaches to customer service, Bear Pond and Koffee Mameya have much in common, not least their unflinching dedication to quality. When coffee reaches this level, the experience is mind-altering.

12th March, 2019

Meeting my wife for coffee

I’d agreed to meet Geri for coffee. Usually, that means a brisk walk into town, but on this occasion, she was in the future. She was 6,000 miles away.

6th March, 2019

Dear Nature book launch

Last night I attended the launch of Dear Nature, an important new work from renowned Nottingham artist John Newling. I was also invited to give a reading from the book.

12th August, 2017

Haven Festival, Copenhagen

The National, Bon Iver, Beach House, Feist, Iggy Pop, Band of Horses and many more. Refshaleøens, Copenhagen

18th October, 2008

Despite bankruptcy, Iceland can still fly an entire pub to London

I was back in one of my favourite Reykjavik bars. I sipped a cup of cold Thule, served by an Icelandic woman, with whom I half-conversed in my rusty Íslenska.

10th January, 2008

Got any puffin?

I'm doing a lot more cooking these days and learning about food rather than just eating it. My kitchen confidence took quite a knock over the last few years, but I’m back.

18th February, 2007

My brief guide to Iceland

A few of you know that I lived in Iceland for a total of around a year, and I get lots of emails asking about things to see and do in Reykjavík. To save me the trouble of writing back every time, I decided to post up my must-see list here.

4th November, 2006

Colly's Winter Stew

Brrrr! It ain't half getting cold out, and Autumn feels more like Winter. At this time of year it is important to keep well fed and ward off any nasty colds and flus.

25th July, 2006

What really matters

I found myself again over the weekend. It took 400 driven miles, 15 walked miles, 2000 feet of ascent and my two best friends to track me down, but I’m delighted to announce that I’m back.

10th October, 2005

Cock on a stick

In which I laugh like a schoolboy at the following photographs taken today at Nottingham's massive 711th (really!) Goose Fair.

22nd November, 2004

Apple, ostrich and facial prosthetics

Busy as the proverbial bee. Aside form verbal fisticuffs with the Inland Revenue, appalling behaviour in dressing rooms, and too much time on trains, I've been hard at it of late.

15th November, 2004

In London with the geeks

In search of knowledge and enlightenment, an unordered list of UK bloggers — a Brit Pack if you will — came from far, wide, and even Wales to pool ideas and beer money.


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