25th September, 2019

Defying Tradition

Geri Coady is a designer and illustrator (and, lucky for me, my wife) sharing her lifelong passion for Japanese culture, language, and travel. Today, her first exhibition opens in Tokyo.

1st September, 2017

I'm writing again

Buoyed by experiential optimism, I want to highlight the ways digital technology can benefit well-being, and strengthen our connection to the natural world.

30th March, 2012

Fictive Kinsman

Hot news! I’m now a full-time member of Fictive Kin, if you hadn’t already guessed. This is the kind of role I always dreamed about, and it feels like a perfect fit.

18th August, 2011

The Manual

I have been fortunate enough to contribute to numerous publications in my time, but without doubt the contribution I’m most proud of kicks off the beautiful and important first edition of The Manual.

28th October, 2010

Campaign Monitor templates

The folks at Campaign Monitor approached me and a number of other designers earlier this year with a special project in mind. The results finally launched last week, delivering a number of free templates for anyone to use.

8th September, 2010

dConstruct workshop

Last week I ran a workshop for twenty-seven people at dConstruct, entitled Defining A Flexible Process. It was a real honour to be invited to put this together by my friends at Clearleft, and to once again visit that odd place they call Brighton.

26th July, 2010

New Adventures

Last week, I announced New Adventures in Web Design, a unique and affordable web event that will take place in Nottingham.

25th January, 2010

Redesigning the undesigned

For two years—and with much embarrassment, I have been apologising for my undesigned blog. Well, no more shall I blush.

17th October, 2009

CSS Mastery Second Edition

In early 2006, a book called CSS Mastery was published. Written expertly by Andy, it also featured case studies from Cameron and myself, plus a foreword from Dan.

2nd May, 2009

Net magazine profile

In last month's .net magazine (Practical Web Design outside the UK) we were featured across a lovely two-page profile.

27th January, 2007

Web Standards Creativity

It is all about web design as art these days, as the cover of Web Standards Creativity seeks to emphasize.

22nd December, 2006

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Bearface (the cat) and I would like to wish all readers, friends and clients the warmest and fuzziest of seasonal greetings.

1st December, 2006

The big reveal

Almost two months after I made it known that I was moving on, I can finally reveal all. I’m delighted to announce that I am now running a brand new web design and development agency. Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my pleasure to introduce you to Erskine.

3rd October, 2006

Moving On

Today was my last day at Agenzia, after four very happy years. I’m sad to be leaving, but I’m taking many great memories and lasting friendships away with me.

4th September, 2006

Beginning CSS is here!

My book Beginning CSS Web Development has arrived, and is now in stock at Amazon. What a strange feeling!


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