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27th June, 2019

Conversations with Nick Cave

I’ll admit to being only a casual fan of Nick Cave. After two decades orbiting his work, I’ve reduced him down to a relatively short playlist. And yet, I continue to find him fascinating.

18th April, 2019

A special evening with The National at Royal Festival Hall

An intimate, triumphant show from a band rethinking its process and reimagining its voice. New ground is easier to find when you loosen up and let others in.

19th March, 2019

Don McCullin at Tate Britain

That one man should witness so many horrors is hard to process. That nations like ours continue to facilitate such atrocity and poverty is devastating.

6th March, 2019

Dear Nature book launch

Last night I attended the launch of Dear Nature, an important new work from renowned Nottingham artist John Newling. I was also invited to give a reading from the book.

25th February, 2019

Convenience Store Human

Thoughts on the uniqueness of the Japanese konbini, the subtle science fiction of Convenience Store Woman, and notes from a recent Q&A event featuring author Sayaka Murata and translator Ginny Tapley Takemori.

25th July, 2012

Bauhaus at The Barbican

Just a quick, hastily-written post urging any UK designers to brave the Olympichaos and catch Bauhaus: Art as Life at The Barbican in London before it ends in mid-August. I’m somewhat obsessed, so I popped along yesterday, and was not disappointed.

3rd July, 2012

The Stone Roses at Heaton Park

In 1989, a band changed my life, but when they recently reformed I didn't want to know. This weekend, I gave my scepticism the slip and witnessed the resurrection.

30th June, 2010

Glastonbury Festival 2010

I'm back from my fourth trip to Glastonbury Festival, where I celebrated its 40th anniversary in sweltering heat with 180,000 other lunatics.

1st November, 2009

EECI2009 roundup

It's taken me over a week to collate all that follows, with videos, slides, images and reports still appearing day by day.

10th March, 2009

Watching the Watchmen

I'd decided not to write about the Watchmen movie, partly because I’m the kind of fan many of you will dislike: I only read the comics a few months ago.

2nd February, 2009

Designing for the Web

Having read the thing cover-to-cover over the weekend, I was just about to write a detailed post about my friend Mark Boulton’s new PDF book A Practical Guide to Designing for the Web.

15th March, 2008

The Seldom Seen Kid

The fourth album from Elbow is another intensely personal journey through main man Guy Garvey’s life experiences, dripping with introspective worry and wonder.

24th July, 2007

Our Love To Admire

I guess I should say something about the latest Interpol album, seeing as I’ve just played it three times in a row.

2nd November, 2006

The Killers?

I was drafting a new Music Monthly when I began drifting into a long and winding rant about The Killers that I subtitled 'The Killers: Geniuses or Peniuses'.

2nd September, 2006

The Reggae Tribute Genre

I’m digging Easy Star All Stars right now. It began when a colleague introduced me to the exceptional Dub Side Of The Moon.