The 92nd Tely 10

Ten miles, 1:44:58. Despite the heat and me feeling a bit rough, we shaved six minutes off our previous attempt, thanks to Geri running so strong!

I wasn't at my best today, but I do love the Tely. Mostly, I love the last mile, reaching the end of the long drag up LeMarchant Road and turning into Harvey Road's downhill, with the crowds getting deeper and noisier along Military as you close in on the finish. It's great to see St. John's so full of life, with the locals cheering you home.

The finish was tough but fast, and afterwards we enjoyed a brief rest and refuel in Bannerman Park. We were surprised to see our chip times already pinned to the fence, which is incredibly efficient. I came 122nd in the 45-49 class; there were perhaps 4,000 competitors, so not bad at all.

Before our knees seized up, we made straight for our second home, Bannerman Brewing Co., for cappuccinos and blueberry muffins. I chased with a couple of well-earned Pool Bar IPAs. Tonight, we'll have pizza at Piatto, and blizzards at Dairy Queen. It's all about the rewards.

Resting in Bannerman Park

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