2019 run archive

Another mixed year. I managed plenty of long evening runs when Geri was away, and we ran a much faster Tely this Summer, but there were too many gaps and I fell just short of 500km overall.

New Adventures 5k, River Trent, 25th January.

Here's the year's data pulled from Strava:

Jan 1Lunch Run0:27:344.01
Jan 3Afternoon Run0:35:385.03
Jan 4Afternoon Run0:34:555.02
Jan 6Afternoon Run0:34:055.03
Jan 7Lunch Run0:30:054.23
Jan 9Afternoon Run0:37:285.02
Jan 10Afternoon Run0:37:405.02
Jan 14Evening Run0:30:514.07
Jan 15Afternoon Run0:36:495.03
Jan 17Evening Run0:36:365.03
Jan 18Evening Run0:35:265.04
Jan 20Evening Run0:36:005.05
Jan 25New Adventures Run Club 5k0:31:425.03
Jan 28Afternoon Run0:21:393.01
Jan 29Afternoon Run0:20:393.02
Feb 5Afternoon Run0:22:042.98
Feb 7Evening Run0:30:084.11
Feb 9Evening Run0:35:175.1
Feb 11Evening Run0:35:015.03
Feb 15Evening Run0:35:055.22
Feb 17Afternoon Run0:49:357.05
Feb 19Oops footy crowds and traffic0:37:115.08
Feb 20Evening Run0:36:315.01
Feb 23Evening Run0:35:325.02
Feb 24Evening Run0:34:545.03
Mar 2Afternoon Run0:30:155.01
Mar 7Evening Run1:08:1410.03
Mar 10Afternoon Run1:08:4510.45
Mar 11Evening Run1:04:3210.02
Mar 13Evening Run1:05:0210.02
Mar 15Evening Run1:05:1210.02
Apr 8Afternoon Run0:20:143.01
Apr 11Afternoon Run0:21:233.09
Apr 16Afternoon Run0:20:543.1
May 4Afternoon Run0:22:013.09
May 6Afternoon Run0:22:013.07
May 10Afternoon Run0:29:114.04
May 18Run to bouldering0:09:441.39
May 18Run back from bouldering0:11:431.62
Jun 1Run to bouldering0:13:201.84
Jun 1Run back from bouldering0:11:371.54
Jun 3Afternoon Run0:45:046.02
Jun 4Afternoon Run0:38:045.1
Jun 6Afternoon Run0:36:435.02
Jun 7Afternoon Run0:37:165.02
Jun 11Afternoon Run0:36:355.51
Jun 13Afternoon Run0:24:163.47
Jun 14Afternoon Run0:35:365.03
Jun 17Afternoon Run1:01:468.02
Jun 18Intervals 30/600:29:505.01
Jun 20Afternoon Run0:36:155.02
Jun 21Afternoon Run0:44:236.12
Jun 24Afternoon Run1:14:1010.02
Jun 25Afternoon Run0:36:145.01
Jun 27Afternoon Run0:36:485.03
Jun 28Intervals0:29:525.02
Jul 1Afternoon Run1:29:4612.08
Jul 4Intervals with Geri0:30:455.01
Jul 5Afternoon Run0:35:075.02
Jul 7Afternoon Run0:43:456.05
Jul 9Afternoon Run0:29:194.1
Jul 17Afternoon Run0:35:225.06
Jul 19Evening Run0:37:445.28
Jul 20Evening Run0:57:318.04
Jul 22Home to Quidi Vidi and backFinal long run before the Tely1:38:5713.06
Jul 25Afternoon Run0:28:334.07
Jul 27Tely-eve loosener0:07:041.01
Jul 28The 92nd Tely 10Shaved over 6 mins off our previous best; wicked considering heat and me feeling a bit rough but Geri paced us fast and ran so strong!1:44:5916.13
Aug 5Afternoon Run0:23:473.44
Aug 8Afternoon Run0:14:442.03
Aug 8Afternoon Run0:14:162.01
Aug 11Afternoon Run0:13:582.04
Aug 11Afternoon Run0:13:462.03
Aug 12Afternoon Run0:41:526.03
Aug 13Afternoon Run0:34:355.02
Aug 15Afternoon Run0:33:435.03
Aug 17Afternoon Run0:13:492.03
Aug 17Afternoon Run0:13:212.02
Aug 19Afternoon Run0:33:595.06
Aug 20Afternoon Run0:34:375.06
Sep 5Afternoon Run0:20:263.04
Sep 17Afternoon Run1:05:1010.02
Sep 10Afternoon Run0:23:283.3
Sep 18Afternoon Run1:06:4010.03
Sep 19Afternoon Run0:32:345
Sep 21Afternoon Run1:13:0511.02
Oct 31Afternoon Run0:14:432.03
Nov 17Afternoon Run0:15:302.06
Nov 21Lunch Run0:14:592.05
Nov 23Afternoon Run0:23:153.04
Nov 29Afternoon Run0:15:392.06
Dec 5Afternoon Run0:22:043.06
Dec 15Afternoon Run0:23:503.3
Dec 20Afternoon Run0:24:063.32
Dec 22Lunch Run0:28:354.02
Dec 25Making room for mince pies0:36:095.02
Dec 27Afternoon Run0:37:045.04
Dec 30Afternoon Run0:36:155.03

Total runs: 98
Total kilometeres: 493.5
Total time: 57 hours, 9 mins
Total elevation gain: 1,295m

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