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26th Dec 2019 11:55 pm

Juicy Sonic Magic by The National

We enjoyed a lovely Christmas Day at home. Delighted with my presents, especially the Juicy Sonic Magic tapes — a US/Canada-only Record Store Day release, Geri tasked her Mom and Dad with securing the one copy sent to Fred’s. The tapes, recorded at Berkeley using The Mike Millard Method, sound so tinglingly live, and the hand-rendered details remind me of bootlegs sold down Portobello Market in the 90s. I also received Nick Cave’s stunning Ghosteen (probably my album of the year) on vinyl, a Kinto flask, National tee, obligatory chocolate orange, and a few quid.

I surprised Geri with an authentic 1:2 scale Gashapon vending machine from Japan and she was chuffed to bits. I'd ordered it after she'd mentioned how such a machine might attract more customers to her Geri Draws Japan stand at events. It's a shame the brass wagashi cutlery I ordered got delayed by customs, but a Blu-ray of The Cure’s 2018 anniversary shows was a smart last-minute sub.

Went for our now traditional lunchtime run around the Trent; weather lovely, lots of people and pups out for air. We’d planned a simple dinner, so enjoyed a relaxing afternoon with minimal prep and occasional bird probing. FaceTimed the in-Laws over in Newfoundland; nice to see a white Christmas out of their window, and even nicer to catch up.

Dinner was just right: tasty turkey, simple veg, and my famed chestnut nobbies. Shared a bottle of Prosecco and two little puds. Later, we watched Detective Pikachu and it was awful, though I did laugh at least three times. Rewatched a few episodes of Rilakkuma and Kaoru to smile out a cosy day.

Boxing Day has been delightfully lazy. After breakfast, I sat in my music chair and listened to Ghosteen. Sometimes, I read along with the printed lyrics, and other times I gazed at the tree lights and let my mind drift. Such a sad album and yet so full of beauty.

Rained all day, but we took Mam for lunch at the Wollaton. Back home for sofa snoozes and Prime Premiership footy binge. Turkey and cranberry sandwiches were as delicious as expected, and there's plenty more for tomorrow.

Utterly exhausted from all the relaxing.

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