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14th Jan 2020 11:55 pm

Geri and Brain.

First day off for ages; a long-booked day trip to London. After a lazy amble around The Science Museum, we had the worst flat whites ever poured at the usually reliable Caravan, then headed to Kings Place for one of its Nature Unwrapped events.

We began with a cosy dinner at the Rotunda, then settled into the beautiful wood-panelled Hall One for an intimate lecture with Mr. Universe, AKA TV's Professor Brian Cox.

Bookended by Jack Liebeck and Friends reciting Vivaldi, Brian waxed poetically about the seasons and the passing of time. Afterwards, Geri passed time by stalking the exit, awaiting her TV boyfriend.

She beat everyone else to Brian because she scoped the joint, planned ahead and was more committed. In less than 60 seconds she got her pendant signed, showed him her illustration, discussed a mutual friend, and got the selfie.

We laughed all the way home.

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