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19th Dec 2019 10:50 am

quab pigeon, walnut ketchup, kale, peppercorn sauce at Alchemilla
That nature plate.

Last night was our Christmas party. There’s only Geri and I, but everyone deserves a party — and by party, I mean a lovely meal. We enjoyed another stunning tasting course at the enjoyably unpretentious Alchemilla, our first visit since they earned a Michelin star. Our seven course tasting menu:

  • tenderstem broccoli, satay
  • squid, squash, pork belly
  • pot roast cabbage, oyster, buttermilk, berwick edge
  • raw venison, chimichurri, BBQ salad
  • squab pigeon, walnut ketchup, kale, peppercorn sauce
  • toasted hay, bramley apple, burnt sugar
  • yoghurt, pine, wood sorrel

We also enjoyed several small "snacks" and delicious bread and butter. The food is always a talking point but last night it was exceptional. That pigeon; the plate looked like a meticulously organised nature table and tasted extraordinary. I washed everything down with two cans of Magic Rock's Saigon Fog IPA, packed with lychee goodness. Party hard.

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