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29th Jan 2020 5:50 pm

My rant about Medium.
My rant about Medium.

Although it's a week since New Adventures, there's a pile of stuff to take care of and work rumbles on. In truth, I could work on it all day, every day, but I doubt anyone will pay me to do that.

We're now collating coverage, listing very generous write-ups from attendees and the first few speaker decks. We've published our editorial and all the Q&As with speakers and volunteers — I like this one full of book recommendations. Most notably, Jeff Veen has today released the first episode of Presentable Live, recorded live on our stage.

I've offset the flights of our three international speakers. The total emissions were 5,292kg of CO2e, and that cost $122 (£94) to offset using Aircare. The beneficiary is a project planting biodiverse forests in Panama. We've pledged to perform an evaluation in response to our Climate Impact Policy, but that will take a few weeks. What I can say is that I felt incredibly happy to honour my commitment to offset those flights.

Finally, I was reminded of last week's on-stage, off-script rant about Medium, thanks to a stenographer Andrew, and a photo from Robb Owen.

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