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An award-winning design for Alan McGee’s new record label.

Project details
WhatDesign, front-end, CMS
Poptones homepage 2006

Poptones was the label set up by former Creation Records boss and Oasis discoverer Alan McGee. I loved the whole Poptones ethic; it wasn’t about making money (Alan made enough of that through Oasis). It was simply about the music, about the bands, about enjoying doing it. It was this freewheeling approach that we needed to reflect with the design.

It was an exciting challenge, and I mostly did front-end on this one — immensely challenging front-end at that, with quite a few challenging problems to solve. I also worked on the site architecture and content management (the whole thing underpinned with Expression Engine) and trained Alan’s lackeys. Much of the eye-candy is down to Jamie Craven, who I worked very closely with on the project.

I think my favourite thing about this job was that lots of people thought it was broken; that the CSS had gone wrong. I love that.