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Samsung Global

Redesigning Samsung’s shopping experience for Brazil and beyond.

Samsung smartphones category screen
Samsung basket, mobile and modal screens
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Project details
StudioFictive Kin
SkillsDesign leadership, design systems, UX and UI design, front-end, information architecture, e-commerce.

For two years, I was the primary designer on a major rethink of Samsung Global’s online shopping experience. Brazil was our testbed, and the cart our first challenge. This project was defined by ambitious targets, immense pressure and no margin for error. Progress required we navigate a mass of client politics, coordinate numerous partners across multiple territories, and quickly make sense of a Portuguese UI.

Although a significant challenge and immense responsibility, the project was a success and Samsung asked us to roll out the new experience across several territories.

Basket and checkout

Our first task was to rethink the entire basket and checkout experience. Although our whole team had e-commerce experience, we needed to unlearn and recalculate for an unfamiliar market. We uncovered many traits unique to Brazil and user expectations in that territory. Getting every detail right was crucial when success was to be measured against ambitious revenue targets.

Comparisons show how we brought some order to the chaos with a flexible but stern design system, and improved legibility across various screens.

Samsung original checkout flow
Samsung’s original checkout flow.
Our reinvigorated basket
Our reinvigorated basket.

To journey from chaos to a level of manageable simplicity, we invested significant time in understanding client requirements, third party limitations and customer mindset. We spent much time testing how far we could push the client team and partners.

Our revised checkout flow.
Our revised success screen.

Key to my role was improving consistency and legibility across every step. I was frustrated with the sense that an increasing number of UI elements and requirements had been thrown in by various teams, resulting in a hot mess of disorganised obstacles. I worked through a process of reduction and fought to have anything extraneous or confusing either removed or rethought. I ensured everything could breathe a little more, and I gave the checkout process more clarity and an injection of fun.


Once the basket and checkout were complete, we shifted focus to other core areas of Samsung Brazil’s shop, beginning with category pages. Much of the shop looked tired in comparison with competitors, and there was a desire to elevate products and make them feel more relevant and more covetable.

Samsung smartphone category screens for desktop and mobile
Smartphone popup and desktop ideation

I did a lot of work identifying systems for configuration, such as colour and sizing selection, ensuring any ideas would be applicable across a variety of categories and products.

Smartphone category screen
Smartphone cameras screen
Smartphone TVs screen

Presale and product pages

Presale pages would drive sales for newly-announced smartphone models, with each sale built around several levels of customisation. Rethinking product pages (PDP) was a significant undertaking, with an ambition to re-energise the display of critical products such as smartphones and TVs.

Presale for Galaxy S6
Presale for the Galaxy S6.
Product display page revisions
Product display page revisions.

As with every aspect of the project, we needed to be mindful of consumer needs and expectations in each country. Every screen and user flow in every territory reminds us why it’s irresponsible to throw a set of standard UX principles at it and expect results. These screens are full of nuance built on careful research and testing.

Further work

The work for Samsung was far-reaching and multi-faceted. I’ll write more about some of the peripheral projects here soon.

Employee Partner Portal
Employee Partner Portal.
Live chat
Live chat.