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Speaking & teaching

I love sharing my experiences and conclusions with audiences across a broad range of topics, and I’m comfortable leading workshops and sprints.

Simon Collison speaking
Presentation cover examples
Possibly my favorite of the whole conference. It’s inspiring to be reminded of why you do what you do and where your heart should be while you do it. Probably the most gentle ass-kicking ever. Simon is well spoken and humble and very good at what he does.
— An Event Apart attendee

Topics and shifting focus

I used to speak and teach mostly about web and product design and development, project management, CSS, and so on. These days, I’m more focused on broader ideas that help us understand the changing world.

Current presentation topics include digital tools and a new image of nature; the image as a means of seeing ourselves and the world; democratised design and the new beauty; speculative design and futures thinking.

Selected talks

United Kingdom

  • Build, Belfast / dConstruct, Brighton / Future of Web Design, London / Reasons to be Creative, Brighton / Refresh, Edinburgh / DIBI, Gateshead / Future of Web Apps, Leeds / DotYork, York / Pixel Pioneers, Bristol

Mainland Europe & Iceland

  • Beyond Tellerrand, Düsseldorf & Munich / Smashing Conf, Freiburg / Dsgnday, Amsterdam / Awwwards, Paris / Refresh LX, Lisbon / Webshaped, Helsinki / Icelandic Web Awards, Reykjavík / Frontend, Oslo / Sneak Preview, Genk / Inspire, Leiden

Rest of the World

  • An Event Apart, Seattle / AIGA, Nisswa / Creative Mornings, New York / Brooklyn Beta, New York / Go Beyond Pixels, St. John’s / Interlink, Vancouver / EECI, San Francisco / Edge of the Web, Perth

Example videos

Existing in Four Dimensions, DotYork, 2018.
Creative Mornings, New York, 2012.
We Are The Explorers, Build, Belfast 2011.
Notes from The Edge, Beyond Tellerrand, Düsseldorf, 2011.

Workshops and teaching

I’ve run workshops about various aspects of the design process for conferences, clients and universities. I’m comfortable running five-day sprints for a variety of projects.

I’m currently designing and curating a new workshop that looks at the importance of the image: ways of seeing ourselves and seeing the wider world; the ways images and social documentation change and shape our lives and how we can use those ideas in our projects. If that sounds like something you’d like me to run for your team or at your event, let me know.